Experience?  Absolutely!  What I bring to your organization . . . .

ORGANIZATIONS/COMPANIES:  Non-Profit, Professional Associations, Healthcare, County, Federal and State Governments, Large International Corporations.

ADMINISTRATIVE:  Office Manager, and C-level support; managing complex calendars; database management, accounting, human resources, marketing, prioritizing and managing heavy work load.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT:  Managing and completing multiple projects with multiple deadlines.

MEETING/EVENT PLANNING:  Successful organizing of large-scale meetings and special company/community events.

CREATIVE, EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION/WRITING SKILLS:  Writing of newsletters, creating marketing materials, including annual reports, cards, flyers, annual yearbooks, greeting cards, invitations, and managing website content.

Get to Know Me!

Hello again!  Now that you know my professional strengths, I’d like you to get to know me, so here’s “a little about myself.”  My name is Vera Prince, and in my spare time I love repurposing furniture and staging home interiors.  Other than working at a desk, any spare time is spent frequenting flea markets, estate sales, and thrift/antique shops.  I guess you could say that’s my second passion.  Currently, I am helping with a DIY project of renovating a small bungalow.  I also love to write.